RWS .308 Win Short Barrel rifle ammo

RWS lanserte en ny ammunisjon på IWA, RWS 308 Win, til kortere løp.Vi fikk en prat med Ruags representant og en titt på sakene. Mer om RWS 308 Win Short barrel her:

RWS .308 Win. kommer i to ulike kuler;

  1. The RWS HIT
    is a lead-free expanding bullet with high weight retention due to its monolithic construction. The unique HIT Matrix with the RWS TC-Tip (Twin-Compression-Tip) and the RWS ACC (Active-Crater-Cavity) guarantees fast and certain expansion with great shocking power, even at long ranges. The compact slug, which retains 99% of its original weight, assures deep penetration and a certain exit wound – even after striking bone! This makes the RWS HIT the appropriate lead-free alternative for those favouring non-fragmenting bullets.
    bullet promises highest knock-down power, even at long ranges. Rapid advancements in firearms and optical technologies make shooting and hunting at long ranges possible. As hunting tourism increases, so does the need for ammunition designed for hunting game animals at all ranges and of all weight classes. For example, when mountain hunting or when after heavy – African – game, deep penetration and great stopping power are essential. RWS have developed a modern hunting bullet to meet these demands, the SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL. It is reliable and effective for game weights of all classes from close range to 300 metres and beyond. The very rapid expansion in the body of the game animal is achieved through the Speed Tip bullet tip with its integral hollow point and easily fragmented front core. The harder rear core guarantees penetrating power. Whilst hunting, this results in greatly shortened flights and certain exit wounds with blood trails. RWS SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL, one of the latest developments from RWS, is specially developed for great shock effect and stopping power at the longest ranges.

Info om RWS .308 Win.

  • Optimized for short barrels
    The new RWS load is specially formulated for 42 to 55 cm barrels with a fast-burning powder, an appropriate bullet weight and a high-performance primer.
  • Reduced muzzle flash
    Our fast-burning powder significantly reduces both muzzle flash and report in shorter barrels. Now you can keep sight of the target at the instant the shot is fired, which is especially important when hunting in twilight or darkness.
  • The best choice when shooting with silencers
    Short barrels are the first choice for use with a silencer. The complete combustion of this fast-burning powder within the barrel itself not only assures a significantly higher life expectancy for the silencer but also promotes tighter groups.
  • Full velocity and energy
    Thanks to its special formulation, the new RWS cartridge delivers full velocity and energy – even from short barrels. This means that you need not change your hunting tactics when it comes to a short barrel and that you can expect full game-taking power, even at long ranges